Why is HTTPS faster than HTTP?

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Last weekend I was at Shmoocon, getting my annual fix of hacker-socialness. Unrelated to the conference I caught a tweet from @KatieHaxx: http://t.co/gR97nWuIB1 — Katie (@KatieHaxx) January 17, 2015 And if you go to www.httpvshttps.com you may be as surprised as I was. https was 70% faster than http. If you’re not as shocked as I was you either already understand …

CSS button with transparent gradient background overlayed photo of library

How to Make a Beautiful Transparent Gradient Button.

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I saw a tweet from Tim Brown and I thought the button with the transparent gradient background was awesome. Designing & developing @deneenpottery has been awesome. Handmade Pottery in St Paul. Check it! http://t.co/W7QE33eA0w pic.twitter.com/GP31pG5AzC — Tim Brown (Design) (@timbdesignmpls) December 19, 2014 You have to go to the website he designed to get the full effect because it’s displayed …

What are the ‘m’ and ‘c’ buttons in Mini Profiler?

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I thought this answer was a bit unGoogleable. After upgrading StackExchange’s Mini Profiler I noticed an ‘m’ and ‘c’ at the button. But their use isn’t incredible clear. It turns out, the ‘m’ is minimize/maximize, which is great for those pesky situations where it’s covering a piece of the page you need to see. The ‘c’ button is “clear”: it …

Will-change property

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I just heard about CSS’s  will-change  property, which I am particularly interested in because getting websites to run well on mobile is hard. will-change is a CSS draft specification right now. Its purpose is to provide a hint to the browser that the provided properties can possibly change, allowing the browser to preemptively perform expensive operations before it happens, when the …

CSS z-index and stacking context.

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It may be shocking to find out for beginners that don’t know, that CSS’s z-index property isn’t global. The z-index property is relative to the current stacking context. Put even more simply: You can’t set an element’s z-index to a smaller number than another element’s z-index and have it appear under that other element, if your element has any ancestor …

Using CSS to prevent the user from scrolling

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I was creating a mobile menu for a project today. The normal, click-the-hamburger, expose a drawer with menu items, etc. I mocked this up in JsFiddle. I darkened the background by making a simple overlay:

But I noticed that on mobile, you can still scroll the page (i.e. the body) even when the overlay was over the content. That’s …

Great Tool for Converting WebForms Views to Razor Views

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The ASP.NET MVC Razor view engine has been out for a while now. I think it’s great for improving readability in complex MVC views. Especially with its magical-context-guessing ability, it greatly improves readability over the WebForms syntax. I found a great tool from Telerik that helped me convert an entire solution to Razor syntax. The word ‘helped’ is important here …

Treehouse Badges

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I created my first GitHub project this past week, Treehouse Badges. This project allows Treehouse students to show off their progress on their website through a nice widget. As you progress through courses, you received badges called Achievements. I’m sure the Treehouse designers put a lot of work into these nice images: why not put them up for display? Example …

You can’t format a number in Firefox.

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted (I didn’t have time). Today I learned that Firefox doesn’t allow you to change the way  <input type="number" />  appears. For example, say that you want to always see two decimal places because this number represents money. You can easily write a little JavaScript to format the number after it has been changed.

Great! If …