Learning how to hire from Stack Overflow

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Take a look at how Stack Overflow quantifies the quality of a web developer. At first this just looks like a way to figure out what number to put into Stack Overflow’s Salary Calculator, but it’s actually saying a lot more than that. They are articulating what we should all be looking for in a development team. And the scale …

An example of Joni Trythall's flexbox cheat sheet

My favorite flexbox cheat sheet

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@JoniTrythall is responsible for creating my favorite flexbox cheat sheet. I think the mix between a decision flowchart and illustrations to demonstrate the different declartions make it really simple to look for what you’re trying to accomplish. Check it out: http://jonibologna.com/flexbox-cheatsheet

Vacation Week!

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I’m on vacation this week but that doesn’t mean I’m too cool to do a quick blog post. Below are some interest blog posts I’ve read recently. Zanshin: Learning the Art of Attention and Focus From a Legendary Samurai Archer Contributing to Chromium: an illustrated guide On how to do everything Say No to the Repository Pattern in your DAL …

Visual Studio Extension to Compile Sass

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I’m very excited to have written my first Visual Studio Extension. Prior to this, my team and I heavily relied on Web Essentials 2013. It was somewhat clunky: it compiles simple Sass files very well. However, we kept running into a few issues: It wasn’t always up to date with the latest version of Sass, making it difficult to use mixin …

JavaScript: Always Use Triple-equals When Checking Equality

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I wanted to reblog this because I didn’t realize until recently how important this is and I keep running into it. A Tweet from @dNetGuru ( Farzad E. ) shows an excellent chart of why this is important and not just nit-picking. A good reason to use “===” instead of “==” for equality testing in Javascript http://t.co/aBSXZrpKKn (via: @sdepouw) pic.twitter.com/O3PDEKC5FF — …

Beware that your SATA 3 ports might not be real.

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Years ago a built a computer from what I thought was the best parts available. I wasn’t going to use it mainly for gaming, but I wanted it to be very high performance because when I’m developing, time I have to wait is time wasted. One of those parts was the motherboard, I decided on the Asus P8Z68 Deluxe. Wow, …

Articles/Videos I’ve recently read/watched

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I enjoyed these, you might too. Life is a game. This is your strategy guide Fundamentals of Mobile Web Development – Chrome Dev Summit 2014 (Matt Gaunt) Browser Rounding and Fractional Pixels Web Design Best Practices Cheat Sheet The physics of productivity: Newton’s laws for getting stuff done

How to fix ReSharper’s bad ToDo item color in Visual Studio.

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Excuse me as I continue to post fixes to trivial but nevertheless annoying problems that I run into. So after updating to the new ReSharper EAP, this happened: I totally can’t read the NOTE in my source code. What gives ReSharper? But if you go into the Visual Studio settings, Todo items should be colored a lighter, readable blue. Alexander Kurakin …