CompileSass is my first Visual Studio extension. Right now is it is a simple extension that compiles all .scss files in the project when any Sass file is saved. CompileSass…

  • Uses LibSass, resulting in fast compile times.
  • Supports Sass files beginning with underscore, which are never compiled into their own files.
  • The point of this project was to continue support for Visual Studio 2015, because Web Essentials no longer supports compiling Sass. This is great if you don’t want to jump into Grunt/Gulp for Sass compilation.

Check out the Build output window to see status or if any errors occurred!

Visual Studio Build Output Window

Check out my blog post to get a little more insight on this project.

Download CompileSass from the Visual Studio Extension Gallery.

  • Max Vilner

    Great extension! Use it everyday. Works flawlessly. Any plans for VS 2017 support?

    • SamRueby

      Thanks Max! I was not going to continue support because the extension was written after Mads Kristensen removed support for Sass in Web Essentials and suggested to use Bower/Gulp instead, which I thought was too heavyweight. But support for Sass is back in Web Essentials, which supports VS2017 and that’s what I use today instead of my extension. Web Essentials can be found here:

      • Max Vilner

        Yeah, because he put Web Compiler in the bundle. We originally evaluated Web Compiler against your extension, and yours came out the winner. Much more intuitive and simple to use. And Web Compiler did not give us the output we needed.

  • Anders

    I want to compile the scss into a non-minified css, is that possible?