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VMware NVMe disk performance

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In VMware’s latest Workstation 14 release, they’ve announced support for a new disk type: virtual NVMe. In Workstation’s release notes they mention this: Virtual NVMe support Workstation 14 Pro introduces a new virtual NVMe storage controller for improved guest operating system performance on Host SSD drives and support for testing VMware vSAN.  NVMe devices require virtual hardware version 13 / ESXi …

Why is HTTPS faster than HTTP?

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Last weekend I was at Shmoocon, getting my annual fix of hacker-socialness. Unrelated to the conference I caught a tweet from @KatieHaxx: http://t.co/gR97nWuIB1 — Katie (@KatieHaxx) January 17, 2015 And if you go to www.httpvshttps.com you may be as surprised as I was. https was 70% faster than http. If you’re not as shocked as I was you either already understand …

Will-change property

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I just heard about CSS’s  will-change  property, which I am particularly interested in because getting websites to run well on mobile is hard. will-change is a CSS draft specification right now. Its purpose is to provide a hint to the browser that the provided properties can possibly change, allowing the browser to preemptively perform expensive operations before it happens, when the …